For GOP, long-term challenges remain

On the heels of a significant victory in Florida last week, Republicans gleefully look forward to November.  A Democrat party reeling from Obamacare failures and unable to turn out its base leaves Republicans a fantastic opportunity to expand its majority in the House, recapture the Senate, and make bold advances in the states. But, the […]

As you may have seen, Gallup recently released their 2013 State of the States Report, allowing us to examine voters’ attitudes toward the President at the statewide level and thus allowing for greater insight into the political environment in key 2014 Senate states. By merging data from their daily tracking surveys throughout 2013, Gallup provides […]

As we start 2014, it seems clear Obamacare will once again be a central focus of congressional and senatorial campaigns. For some, there seem to be questions about how the law is being perceived and whether it will be a political advantage or albatross for Democrats. On a national level the data has told a […]

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