Major Polling Stories of the 2018 Cycle
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It’s official, it’s a barn burner! The highest interest in a midterm election we have ever seen. Early voters exceed 2016 presidential levels. Please click here to read more from our latest NBC/WSJ survey: Major Polling Stories of the 2018 Cycle

President Trump began his nearly two-week tour of Asia with a stop in Japan yesterday, with further stops planned for South Korea, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. With American leadership of paramount importance for the region’s security in the face of North Korea’s nuclear provocations, now is a pertinent time to take a look at […]

Immediately following President George W. Bush’s State of the Union Address in January 2002, in which he branded Iran, Iraq, and North Korea as constituting an “Axis of Evil,” Gallup surveyed Americans’ favorability toward various countries (it has done so annually since 2000).  Not surprisingly, Americans’ perceptions of these countries in early February 2002 reflected […]

FOR RELEASE: June 23, 2017 CONTACT: 703.836.7655 Public Opinion Strategies Congratulates Karen Handel on Winning GA-06 One of Nation’s Leading Public Opinion Research Firms Aids Georgia’s First Female Republican Congressional Member In Historic Victory Alexandria, Va.- Public Opinion Strategies Partner Gene Ulm and Vice President George Nassar today congratulated Karen Handel on winning Georgia’s sixth […]

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