Watch: How are National Political Polls Conducted? A Behind the Scenes Look by NBC News
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Bill McInturff joins Wall Street Journal to discuss why, despite the economy being listed as a top priority for swing voters, politicians still struggle to connect voters on this pivotal issue. Check out the 4 minute video here.

The survey research firm of Public Opinion Strategies (POS) polled for winning efforts in 18 campaigns this year. The firm worked as part of successful campaign teams in (by state in alphabetical order): Arizona, where Tucson voters stopped an effort to create a sanctuary city. Also, three bond issues won handily in Scottsdale. California, where […]

We wanted to share some important trends we are seeing in regards to 2020 turnout, improving numbers for the Republican party’s image, new work we are doing about political ideology, as well as highlight some of the challenges facing Republican candidates this cycle. We also focus on some elements of President Trump’s strengths and signs […]

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