In the News: Should the United States have a Mandatory Two-year Draft?
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According to a 2018 Public Opinion Strategies poll, about two-thirds of Americans would support a national service program. And it would be good policy: alumni of existing service programs go on to complete four-year college at much higher rates than their non-service peers. Click here to read more on the american opinion on a two-year draft.  

The upcoming election between President Donald Trump and the eventual Democratic nominee could come down to just a half dozen states. Republican pollster Neil Newhouse sees Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin as “critical” to Trump’s re-election. States that he expects to go their way but won’t take for granted are Florida, North Carolina and Arizona. “Those […]

Public Opinion Strategies, featured in the Marietta Daily Journal, talks about Loeffler gaining momentum: A poll of Georgia voters by Public Opinion Strategies shows Loeffler and Collins neck and neck, while President Trump reportedly will stay on the sidelines, making no endorsement. In the poll conducted Feb. 17-20, Loeffler moved from 15% in a January survey […]

John King with ‘Inside Politics’ talks about NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll conducted by partner, Bill McInturff. “These are numbers pulled together by Bill McInturff — the Republican who does the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, the Republican part of it — asking voters, Democratic primary voters. Do you support health care for undocumented immigrants — 64 […]

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