Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Make Political History. But Not In A Good Way,.

The perennially aired holiday film, Home Alone, features an eight year old whose parents accidentally leave him home from a family Christmas vacation.  The boy manages to go shopping, do laundry and thwart would-be robbers all by himself, with slapstick tricks that delighted my own eight-year old son.   That level of independence is clearly Hollywood […]

Public Opinion Strategies congratulates all of our winning clients last night! In total, POS polled on behalf of or in support of four new statewide office holders, six new state house or senate members, three new mayors, and was on the winning side of eight ballot issues.  Again we congratulate the winners. Winning candidates include: […]

Every place it has been implemented, it has failed. Miserably. And yet, according to a newly released poll, the siren song of socialism is more attractive than capitalism to one segment of the American people – Democrats. The survey, conducted online by YouGov among 1,000 adults, is stunning for the difference in the ratings between […]

Autumn is my favorite season.  Crisp, sunny afternoons spent hiking through golden aspen in my home state of Colorado; the collective watching of college football or baseball playoffs; and breaking out those comfy sweaters for the first time in months.  What’s not to love about a glorious season of color, before snow and darkness invade? […]

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