Measuring the Immediate and consequential economic impact of COVID-19

Key findings: After three optimistic years of the Trump presidency, American economic confidence has completely inverted – all because of COVID-19. As quickly as the market has dropped, so has confidence in the economy. In just 17 days, economic confidence has dropped by more than the 2008 financial crash dropped confidence in over six MONTHS! […]

Given the nearly singular focus of the country on the Coronavirus, we are closely tracking issues surrounding the outbreak, from personal health concerns, to behavioral changes, to the approval of elected officials in handling the crisis. We are tracking opinions/concerns about the spread of Coronavirus in much of our survey work, but because we cannot […]

  Friends and clients: Last week we advised you we were moving forward and that was certainly true as we completed multiple studies around the country. Here’s what we are finding: 1)  People want to talk!  Our incidence and cooperation rates were higher last week.  We also extended our interviewing hours earlier in the day […]

Friends and clients: Even as we all are closely following the developing news around the Coronavirus, please know that Public Opinion Strategies is uniquely prepared to keep moving forward. First, let me report that having done The NBC/WSJ Poll over the last few days, response rates, the demographic profile of participants, and the actual data were unchanged from past tracks and quite solid.  […]

Public Opinion Strategies recently conducted a national survey on how much Americans are paying attention to COVID-19 (commonly referred to as Coronavirus), their concerns and whether they are taking precautionary steps. We have put together a brief PowerPoint to illustrate the survey data. A few key highlights from the survey: •  More than 9 in […]

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