Partisanship increasingly colors perceptions of SCOTUS nominees

A different kind of March Madness descends upon Washington today as the Senate Judiciary Committee begins Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings.  Gorsuch appears to have the votes to be confirmed as the next associate justice of the Supreme Court.  The verdict on Judge Gorsuch in the court of public opinion polling, however, has become more […]

After President Trump’s well-received address to Congress, all eyes turned to the Democrats’ rebuttal. Surprisingly, the Democrats did not tap one of their high-profile rising stars such as Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, or Kristen Gillibrand to speak directly to millions of Americans about the party’s opposing vision. Instead, 72 year-old former Governor Steve Beshear of […]

Tell me if you’ve heard this one…America elects a president based more on celebrity than on credentials and more on his promises than on his actions. He is the unlikely candidate that vanquishes the opposition’s establishment candidate, one with decades of experience in government and in foreign relations. He has a captivating presence, is an […]

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