Coalition to Protect America’s Health Care

CPAH is a coalition of more than 5,000 hospitals, businesses and hospital associations whose mission is to raise awareness about hospitals’ financial health and its impact on patients and families. Since 2000, CPAH has sought to build public support for a range of policy initiatives, such as increasing Medicare reimbursement rates, preserving Medicare funding for hospitals, and increased federal funding for hospitals.

Our Work: Beginning in 2000, Public Opinion Strategies has conducted extensive research to inform CPAH’s public affairs campaigns. Our research has primarily focused on the audiences the client most wants to persuade: seniors and caregivers. We have tested public perceptions of hospitals, names for the coalition, spokespeople for advertising, and actual advertising to identify messaging most likely to persuade the client’s desired audience.

Results: Our research consistently informs the Coalition’s communications, advertising and government affairs strategy and has helped them build a bipartisan base of support across the country and among federal decision-makers. More than 1,000,000 people signed up to follow the Coalition’s efforts to protect patient care and hospitals. Even in austere budget cycles, the Coalition has successfully protected targeted public investments for a range of health care priorities.

Public Opinion Strategies