As the recognized leader in world business news, CNBC is committed to supplying and reporting on key economic and market trends. Since 2006, CNBC has commissioned Public Opinion Strategies and Hart Research Associates to serve as bipartisan pollsters for the CNBC All-America Economic Survey, a nationwide survey of economic sentiment among American adults.

Our Work: On a quarterly basis, the CNBC survey tracks a wide range of economic indicators, including Americans’ perception of inflation; among homeowners, whether they perceive the value of their home to be increasing, decreasing or staying the same; among those employed, whether they expect to receive a raise (and if yes, by what percentage); and, perceptions of the stock market. The survey also closely monitors projected holiday spending levels and gauges how the Internet and technology are changing consumer shopping and purchasing habits. In recent years, the survey has captured American attitudes about their workplace, particularly among Millennials.

Results: The All-America Economic Survey remains a premiere indicator of American perceptions of the economy and economic indicators. Indeed, the survey provided critical insights into consumer confidence before and during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 and the long and difficult recovery during “the Great Recession.” The survey’s findings regularly lead CNBC’s editorial coverage, extending the survey’s influence across the U.S. and global business community.

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