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In our most recent NBC News national survey, we asked voters what they plan to do when a vaccine becomes available for the coronavirus:

  • Just twenty percent of voters plan to take the vaccine as soon as they can. Most voters (50%) plan to wait until a vaccine has been available for a whole to see whether there are any problems or side effects. Another ten percent say they will only get the vaccine if they are required to, while seventeen percent of voters say they will not take the vaccine.
  • African Americans and Republicans are among the groups most opposed to getting the coronavirus vaccine. There is a 33-point difference in willingness to take between Democrats who are White and Democrats who are either African American or Hispanic.
  • There is little difference in attitudes about getting the vaccine between voters in counties that have higher COVID-per capita levels than the national average and voters in counties with lower COVID-per capital levels than the national average.

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The POS Healthcare Team

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