Why Public Opinion Strategies?

At Public Opinion Strategies we have developed a culture and approach to winning. For nearly three decades, Public Opinion Strategies has been helping political candidates win tough campaigns, scoring hard-fought success in the public affairs arena for some of America’s leading corporations and associations, and giving our clients an advantage in their proceedings.

We go into the trenches with our clients to aggressively help them promote their interests. Our success is based on a hands-on model and our total commitment.

We work closely with our clients to develop research that is tailored to meet their specific needs utilizing innovative research methodologies and strategies. Each client and each case require a unique approach, and we are very responsive to the interests of every client.

And, we go beyond just providing the results of the research. Our winning culture is based on our integration as part of the team. A hallmark of our service, we offer strategic analysis and tactical recommendations based on our findings. We believe this provides our clients the winning edge.

Some of the elements of our approach that set us apart include:

  • Cutting edge policy expertise

Because we have decades of experience in the political and public policy arena, we have a wealth of understanding of some of the most important debates facing the country, ranging from medical malpractice to health care to deregulation issues. We are able to bridge the “policy gap,” which separates us from other researchers. Our policy background gives us a running start, as we are accustomed to delving into complex issues and making them palatable to our target audiences.

Our policy expertise also means we are constantly looking at key issues and topics facing the country. We stay ahead of the curve, and share our knowledge with our clients.

  • Strategic Communications Specialists

We have years of experience developing communications strategies and testing them empirically. But we know that there are two sides to every battle, and, thus, our approach to research takes into account arguments on both sides. We call it “combat message development.” We want to reflect the debate as closely as possible and therefore each side is given roughly equal weight. It helps our clients understand what they’re up against, how to rebut or challenge the opponent’s position, and what arguments on our side have the most impact when presented in context.

  • Rapid Response

We understand the imperative of having data quickly to make critical decisions. We produce research to meet your timeline, not ours.

Public Opinion Strategies