In memory of our friend and colleague Kim Webb Joyner, Public Opinion Strategies, with James’ approval, is starting College America 529 funds for Katie and Ellie.   These types of funds grow tax free over the years to be used to help pay for the girls’ college education.

Both the company and individual partners will be donating to the 529s.  Our investment adviser, Shawn McLaughlin, has graciously agreed to waive all the fees associated with starting a 529.

We welcome all donations from Kim and James’ friends and family.  The accounts will be under James’ control.

If you wish to donate, please write checks out to “College America” and put “Joyner girls” in the memo line.  Donations of any amount are appreciated.

Please either give the check to Glen Bolger or send to his attention at Public Opinion Strategies, 214 North Fayette Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

As an additional help to James, our contributions to the 529 are tax deductible for James on his Virginia state taxes.

Thank you for considering this way to be of help to James and the girls.  Please feel free to forward to others who know the Joyners.

Public Opinion Strategies