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International Assessment Shows American Students Lagging Behind On Math Skills

By Becky Kramer

American 15-year olds performed below average in mathematics… read more

Smartphones: A Key to Expanding Contact with Younger Voters and Hispanics?

By Dave Wilson

As mobile phones become more prevalent and technologically… read more

Independents on the Issues in 2014: What’s up now?

By Micah Roberts

A post earlier this week showed Independents are very supportive… read more

The Independent vote in 2014: What’s up now?

By Micah Roberts
According to the last five national exit polls, when a majority… read more

Restraint Amid Russian Aggression

By Paul Donaldson
Following the global unity accompanying the Winter Olympics… read more

Three-Part Health Care Blog Series Revisited

By Elizabeth Harrington
With today being the final day of open enrollment in Obamacare,… read more

For GOP, long-term challenges remain

By Nicole McCleskey
On the heels of a significant victory in Florida last week, Republicans… read more

The grim NBC News/WSJ survey: the ‘14 reality is likely worse for Democrats

By Gene Ulm
Democratic after-action reports on their Florida-13 special… read more

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