07.14.2009 — Dancing with the Deficit
President Obama and Democrats in Congress have plunged into a full fox trot with Keynesian economics, swooping past all records of deficit spending in an attempt to lift the U.S. economy. While Democratic voters have generally swooned over the jitterbug pace at which the Administration and Congress has blown through budget barriers, they may be pushing Independent voters back into the arms of Republicans.
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04.07.2009 — Movin’ on Up
Despite the American economy “movin’ on down” lately, Americans are optimistic about their own ability to climb the economic ladder. Our research shows the public is confident of their ability to improve their lot in life, but are skeptical of the government to do so for them. These findings are based on results from an in-depth research program on behalf of the Economic Mobility Project, an Initiative of The Pew Charitable Trusts and conducted jointly by Public Opinion Strategies and the Democratic polling firm of Greenberg, Quinlan, Rosner Research.
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02.02.2009 — Jump Start or Junker?
Voters are inclined to support a new stimulus plan designed to get the American economy to pop back into gear, but have serious questions about whether the repair bill may be too much in the end. The new NBC/Wall Street Journal survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies’ partner Bill McInturff along with Democrat pollster Peter Hart shows that 43% say the proposed economic stimulus plan is “a good idea,” while 27% say it is a “bad idea.” However, a significant three-in-ten voters say they do not have an opinion of the plan.
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12.16.2008 — Mobs Rule
Put away the lanterns and pitchforks. Those people taking it to the streets on Election Day were not fired up by a town crier, but by Twitter. The first officially digital election, 2008 is when people-powered technology came of age in the political world.
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04.02.2008 — Reality Bites
Much like the contestants on dozens of reality TV shows, Americans are increasingly concerned about getting voted off their own personal islands as economic problems crash onto our shores. In recent polling Public Opinion Strategies has conducted for media outlets and dozens of campaigns, we have seen pocketbook concerns not only rapidly rise to prominence, but have major implications for public policy on issues like global trade and immigration.
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02.04.2008 — The Hit List for 2008
Stay in the political “family” long enough and you will see hot voter target groups come and go faster than characters on The Sopranos get killed off.
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11.20.2007 — World Peace? Actually, Contenders Should Talk Health Care!
In the never-ending presidential beauty pageant, the runway goes through a few critical states. We recently interviewed voters – including likely Democratic and Republican primary voters/caucus goers – in the early decision states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada to see where these presidential “judges” are likely to give extra points.
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08.06.2007 — Taken to the cleaners
A $54 million lawsuit against a neighborhood dry cleaning shop over a pair of misplaced pants is the latest example of lawsuit abuse that has voters steamed. While the owners won round one of the two year legal battle, they still face a possible appeal. The media attention the case has generated is sure to reinforce voters’ concerns. In a Public Opinion Strategies national poll conducted on election night last November on behalf of the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, a near unanimous 85% of the electorate viewed the number of frivolous lawsuits as a serious problem.
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04.20.2007 — A Dog-Eat-Dog World
Your dog doesn’t care about the global economy — but maybe Fido should. A key ingredient from a new supplier in China was the likely tainted culprit that found its way into a Canadian company’s pet food, leading to the illness and death of hundreds of American pets. Globalization disrupted Fido’s dinner, and it seems just as unsettling to many U.S. voters.
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09.11.06 — A Time to Look Back and a Time to Look Ahead
Our nation marks the anniversaries of two tragedies at this time of year. While the re-building and recovery continue both at Ground Zero and along the Gulf Coast, Americans are seeking to fit these events into the patchwork quilt of American history. Will one event eventually fade into the background, while the other continues to stand out?
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08.14.06 — Well of Good Feelings Full for Israel.
With the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah still storming in Lebanon, Americans are expressing an affinity towards Israel at unprecedented levels. The most recent NBC/Wall Street Journal survey in late July conducted jointly by Public Opinion Strategies’ partner Bill McInturff and Peter Hart of Hart Research shows that 57% of Americans say they sympathize more with Israel in the Middle East situation rather than Arab nations (9%). This is the highest proportion in 33 years indicating greater sympathy with Israel.
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06.14.06 — Seniors warm to Medicare drug plan
Like the change in the thermostat, seniors are warming to the new prescription drug plan which closed enrollment last month. The soaring temperatures across the country match the increase in favorable feelings toward Medicare Part D. Despite a great deal of media attention regarding some early kinks in the system, the vast majority of enrollees tell us they have experienced few problems, are saving money, and are satisfied with the coverage.
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06.02.06 — Something Old and Something New
Prices at the pump and in their energy bills are fueling American ingenuity and a renewed interest in some time-tested alternatives. A Tennessee company has tripled its production of stills – not for moonshine, but for penny pinchers making their own ethanol. The vintage notion of street cars or light rail are back on the planning boards in many urban centers.
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03.31.06 — Crying Fowl
While the U.S. government has recently announced it will step up its monitoring of wild and domestic birds, Americans are divided on whether to panic over poultry’s current plight and its potential implications for triggering an avian flu pandemic. A national survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies on behalf of The Center for Health Transformation founded by Newt Gingrich, the results of which were presented at a national forum on the subject, indicates Americans are paying attention to news about bird flu. But, the public is divided over whether health experts and the media are simply being Chicken Little about this potential threat.
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01.06.06 — A tale as old as time
From the time of Aristotle to Mark Twain, politicians have been easy prey for jokes about corruption and vices. No wonder most Americans view recent ethics breaches as more of an ancient tale like one of Aesop’s fables, and do not indict one side of the aisle over the other. Recent national surveys conducted by Public Opinion Strategies for both National Public Radio* and NBC/Wall Street Journal** find a jaded electorate who refuses to lay blame at the feet of only one political party.
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12.20.05 — Just like the ones I used to know…
A few weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, crooner Bing Crosby gave the first public performance of a newly penned Christmas carol which was planned for release the following holiday season. Fueled by demand from homesick GI’s training and fighting far from home, however, White Christmas topped the charts the next year, months before the holiday it celebrated, on its way to becoming the best-selling record in history.*
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11.16.05 — Missing the Boat
Our Thanksgiving celebrations today may be more about food, football and family, but the school child in all of us still holds an image of that early Thanksgiving feast held by our nation’s first immigrants firmly implanted in our collective psyche. Interestingly, that idyllic picture of a peaceful meal between Pilgrims and Indians was one which only emerged in popular culture at the turn of the 20th Century. The country was then facing concern over a surge in immigration and integration of those newcomers into the American culture. The first Thanksgiving of peace and harmony between different ethnic groups provided a historical symbol of the melting pot tradition.
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10.25.05 — If The Shoe Fits…
Disenchanted with last year’s presidential race outcome, the Hollywood magic machine is in full gear spinning prime-time fairy tales of more glamorous candidates than the “safe” choice Democrat primary voters made in 2004. West Wing viewers are being treated to the first Hispanic presidential nominee in the guise of Jimmy Smits. On a rival network, Geena Davis is playing the first female president in history on Commander-in-Chief.
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09.27.05 — Seeking Shelter from the Storm
There’s an ill wind blowing toward Washington. A tempest of events from two major hurricanes and the aftermath in New Orleans has affected voters’ psyches. Confidence in government has deteriorated to 31% of voters who say they trust Washington to do what is right most of the time, down from 40% last year and 64% following the September 11th terrorist attacks.
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05.25.05 — Ready For The Real World?
Thousands of America’s high school seniors are entering their own reality series this month. As graduates face work or college on their own, many Americans and elected officials are questioning just how good a job schools are doing at getting students ready for “real life.”
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05.05.05 — Black Gold
Even the millionaire Beverly Hillbillies might be considering some adjustments due to the ever increasing prices at the pump. According to Public Opinion Strategies’ latest national survey, 88% of Americans are taking at least one action to combat high gas prices and a near majority (46%) say rising gas prices have had “a lot of impact” on them and their family.
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04.12.05 — All The Fashion
Iraq and the economy have been relegated to the back of the closet with the wool sweaters. Instead, our latest national polling displays some colorful new issues being sported by voters this Spring.
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03.02.05 — The New Politics of Baseball
While the nation’s storied pastime has survived past breaches of confidence with its fans, it has yet to face a crisis like the current steroids scandal in an age of 24-hour ESPN and with greater competition from other sports and entertainment options. In fact, recent national polls by Public Opinion Strategies demonstrate that the continuing steroids saga is indeed tarnishing baseball’s image.
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01.06.05 — One Nation, Under God
America is a nation of faith. Consider just a few findings from recent Public Opinion Strategies’ surveys of U.S. voters:
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12.30.04 — Election 2004: The Security Election
Following the terrorist attacks of September 11th, three-quarters (74%) of Americans told us that the attacks were “a turning point that will fundamentally change things forever.” Indeed, in the first presidential election following 9/11, the electorate was viewing the candidates vying to lead the nation through an entirely different perspective. In 2000, just one-in-ten voters named an issue related to global or security concerns as a factor in their vote decision for President (a mere 6% in 1996 did the same). In Public Opinion Strategies’ polling of actual voters on Election Night this year, a stunning 61% named a global or security concern as a factor in their vote decision for President.
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12.09.04 — Move On Over
While liberal groups and donors had the early jump in running advertising through 527 organizations, Public Opinion Strategies’ polling clearly demonstrates that the most powerful advertising from the 2004 presidential race was from the Bush Campaign and groups supporting the President. Actual voters in Election night polling by Public Opinion Strategies in six of the swing states identified three ads as most memorable:
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07.14.04 — You Gotta Know When To Hold ‘Em
It isn’t the sort of celebrity poker match you catch on television these days, but a new Public Opinion Strategies’ survey indicates that Capitol Hill staffers on both sides of the aisle would put their money on the GOP to maintain control of both the Senate and the House in November.
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05.27.04 — The Not so Happy Meal
Just as the Memorial Day weekend signals the beginning of beach season, a different kind of wave is hitting the nation’s courtrooms. All those Americans squeezing into their swimsuits may be blaming too many trips to the drive-through in more ways than one. A few lawyers are trying to lasso the Golden Arches and other fast food titans as the culprits for a growing wave of “globesity.” The latest Public Opinion Strategies’ national survey demonstrates that claiming “the burgers & fries made me obese” won’t cut it with the public. Still, the food service industry is well advised to follow McDonald’s lead in making positive steps to insulate itself from perceptions it is partly to blame for those tubby toddlers playing at the beach this summer.
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04.09.04 — Ideas Blooming In The States
April showers may bring May flowers, but there’s more blossoming than tulips and daffodils this Spring in many states. Public Opinion Strategies has been polling on a “bunch” of new ideas flowering across the country to determine which ones will be a bed of roses for the candidate espousing them and which ones are likely to wither too soon.
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03.04.04 — Premature Partisan Polarization
Yeah, yeah. We know it sounds like a topic of conversation for the women on “Sex in the City.” But, PPP may be the most decisive factor in the 2004 elections – from the presidential level on down.
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12.17.03 — The Ghosts of Elections Past
Much like the spirits who visited Ebenezer Scrooge, Public Opinion Strategies had the unique opportunity in our post-election polling on behalf of the Republican Governors Association (RGA) to glean some insights from the key 2003 races. Our conclusions may hold the “shadows of things which could be” for the 2004 campaigns. . .


10.31.03 — Trick or Trade
This Halloween, more Americans appear to be scared of foreign competition and jobs moving offshore than of ghosts and goblins. In fact, foreign trade and American jobs are poised to be a critical issue for the 2004 elections.


09.24.03 — How Personal Connection Increases Support For War In Iraq
On the eve of President Bush’s address to the nation regarding Iraq, a groundbreaking national survey by Public Opinion Strategies demonstrated a new attitude gap within the American electorate. Those voters with a personal connection to the men and women serving in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are much more supportive of the President and rate U.S. efforts in Iraq more positively than other Americans.


08.26.03 — Measuring Up on School Accountability
As students file back into classrooms around the country this year, education has seemingly been moved to the back of the class on the public policy agenda. The new focus on national security since September 11th and passage of the “No Child Left Behind” Act has made it difficult for the White House and Republicans in Congress to sustain an education message. At the same time, GOP Governors have been forced to deal with budget crises, leaving little time for a public message on strengthening schools.


05.15.03 — Top Gun
President Bush’s fighter jet landing onto the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln to give a memorable speech in front of homebound heroes is not the only high-flying maneuver the Bush administration has undertaken lately. A recent Public Opinion Strategies national survey indicates that Bush’s approval ratings are still soaring and that the war in Iraq has been deemed an overwhelming success by the American electorate.