In the News: How Coronavirus has affected polling
In The News

GOP pollster Public Opinion Strategies, on how the outbreak has affected its polling:“People want to talk! Our incidence and cooperation rates were higher last week. We also extended our interviewing hours earlier in the day to cellphone respondents and received a strong response.” Read more here about how people are responding during crisis.

“Sanders has had an impact on moving the policy goals inside the Democratic Primary to the left’’ on health care, immigration and energy production, said Micah Roberts, a Republican and pollster with Public Opinion Strategies. “Biden’s buy-in with Sanders’ policies may prove to be an albatross as Biden attempts to pivot to the center between […]

According to a 2018 Public Opinion Strategies poll, about two-thirds of Americans would support a national service program. And it would be good policy: alumni of existing service programs go on to complete four-year college at much higher rates than their non-service peers. Click here to read more on the american opinion on a two-year draft.  

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