Gene Ulm (VA)

Gene is one of the Republican Party’s leading political strategists and pollsters.  Active in Republican campaigns for 25 years, Gene has extensive experience on behalf of numerous successful U.S. Senate, gubernatorial, congressional and state legislative campaigns.

In 2012, Gene helped bring three new members to Congress: Andy Barr (KY), Mark Meadows (NC) and Kerry Bentivolio (MI). Barr and Meadows were two of only a handful of Republicans to defeat Democratic incumbents or win Democratic open seats. Gene also polled on behalf of major independent expenditure efforts in nearly every major U.S. Senate race.

In addition to polling on behalf of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s public employee reforms in 2011, in 2012, Gene polled on behalf of an independent effort against the recall of Governor Walker as well as the successful effort to maintain a majority in the Wisconsin State Senate. Gene also completed research in support of Indiana’s right-to-work legislation.

His standout clients include chairmen Congressmen Paul Ryan and Mike Rogers, as well as U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss (GA), who’s runoff win was heralded as “the first victory of the 2010 cycle.” In 2004, Gene polled on behalf of Senator David Vitter, the first Republican elected from the state of Louisiana since Reconstruction.

Gene has worked on many successful conservative and pro-business legislative initiatives, and has a significant public affairs practice that primarily focuses on land use, development siting, entitlement, real estate and construction. He has completed numerous surveys across the country addressing public attitudes toward growth, quality of life and infrastructure funding. His research has been used to assist in the siting of everything from modern waste-disposal facilities to digital cell towers to casinos.

He has completed research in Australia, New Zealand, Russia, the former Yugoslavia, Indonesia, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, Pakistan, Qatar and Sri Lanka.